Welcome to Message of Hope Hawaii. The purpose of this site is to share the Hope of Jesus Christ through the humble witness of Brian Kitaoka. Brian was a member of the ground crew who and closed the forward Cargo door of United Airlines flight 811 in 1989. He was deemed responsible for the failure of the cargo door, resulting in the loss of nine lives. For over 20 years he lived with the burden of grief and guilt, asking God for grace and strength – and God was with him through it all.

After more than two decades, United Airlines admitted that it was NOT Brian’s fault but rather faulty engineering. Tragically this information had been known for some time, but no one had told Brain the truth about that day. We don’t know why things happen this side of heaven, but we can choose how we react. Trusting in God’s goodness, any circumstance can be used to bring glory to His name.

I am not a miracle, but what GOD did for me and my Family is!

- Brian Kitaoka

Message of Hope Hawaii is a non-profit organization, solely purposed with relating Brian’s testimony with the goal of encouraging and strengthening the faith of God’s people. If you would be interested in having Brian speak at your church or function please contact us via email or phone.

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